X Men Apocalypse trailer….. Meh

Excited is a huge understatement for my state of mind at the announcement of this trailer. X-Men is a memory from my childhood that I hold dear, they were the original badasses for me. The first comics I collected, the first toys I collected . 

Underwhelmed is the best word I can come up with for this trailer. But for now let me go over the pros and cons. 

Apocalypse. I think he looks great. I know he’s taken a beating for th costume and makeup but I really do love the look and the swagger that the actor is bringing to the table. 

I also love the fact that we are going back to a time when the xmen were still very unsure of themselves. As young mutants they are still growing into their powers and it really should make for an exciting movie. 

My absolute favorite part of the last 2 movies has been Beast. He has the perfect amount of intelligence, self doubt, rage, and control. Really wonderful portrayal of the character. 


Archangel. Really? You couldn’t have taken the menacing , iconic costume from the comics? In the comics he is terrifying with his blue skin and razor wings and that purple and blue costume. And in the movie we get what looks like the oldest kid from the show home improvement wearing some tin wings. 

Another huge con to me is the fact that we see who the 4 horseman are in the movie. I would have liked for that one to be a surprise for me when I go to see the movie . But on that subject, in my opinion, Wolverine should be Death. Just saying. 

So after watching it about 3000 times now I am still underwhelmed. That’s not saying I don’t like the trailer, but I was hoping for a little more epic trailer . Maybe Civil War and BvS have spoiled me . I truly am hoping for a movie that is so good that Marvel stops this bullshit Inhuman push and gets their heads right in the comics so that we can see the rightful holders of the Marvel throne back in badass action. They are the X-Men .


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