Batman v Superman: why the trailer didn’t spoil the movie

There has been quite a few negative reactions to the trailer that debuted last night. I’m going to go into why I don’t think that the trailer spoiled the movie and my bold prediction for what I think DC might have up there sleeves. 

Let’s start with all the negativity towards Lex Luthor. Annoying personality , overzealous dork trying too hard to fit in with the cool kids- yes. But it’s a facade. He’s a genius who wants everyone to underestimate him that way. I see Jesse Eisenberg playing this perfectly . 

Ben Affleck , thank you. Thank you for not sounding like you were gargling with razor blades before you put on the suit. The more I see him as Batman and Bruce Wayne the more I see him as the actor that will set the bar for all future Batmen. 

The last half of the trailer. We all knew that Wonder Woman was in the movie. We all knew that Batman and Superman would combine forces with her. We all knew that there would have to be a huge evil to bring them together . Stop bitching about not seeing them together for the first time on a big screen. We knew it was happening. 

The Doomsday reveal. I wish they wouldn’t have spoiled the BigBad for the movie. Does doomsday look ridiculous? No. He will grown the bony protrusions and look more like he does in the comics.
That being said, Dc and WB didn’t spoil anything. 

My prediction. Doomsday will come about before the end of act 3. Possibly even the end of act 2. And that Knightmare sequence isn’t a nightmare sequence, it’s a reality. There are parademons in the sky. This movie will end in a cliffhanger and the actual Big Bad of the movie will be the reveal of  Darkseid leading into Justice League part 1. The biggest reason that I don’t think it’s a nightmare sequence is that why would Batman be dreaming of parademons if he has no idea of them. 


That’s my 2 sense. We will get Doomsday and a taste of Darkseid in this movie!! 


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